The brief

To bring SNOO, the world’s smartest and safest baby bassinet, to launch in the UK. Educating media
and the UK market on the company Happiest Baby and SNOO, an already successful product in the US.
Overcoming pushback from press on price point, tech for babies and pushing a US representative in the UK.

Through 1:1 interviews with press and CEO Dr. Harvey Karp, we were able to brief media on the
company’s mission and provide product demos. Placing samples with influencers, allowing them to share their
own messages about the benefits of SNOO.

Product launch, PR & Influencer.

Extensive coverage in top tier publications, including reviews of the SNOO, thought leadership pieces with Dr Harvey Karp.
Top coverage has appeared so far in, Huff Post, Metro, Daily Mail, Mother & Baby, Pocket-Lint and The Sun.